Frequently Asked Questions

What is my Equalized Assessed Value based on?
The state property tax code requires that your Equalized Assessed Value (EAV) should be about one-third of the fair cash value of your property as of January 1st of the current assessment year based on sales that took place in the prior three years.

Why are my taxes so high?
Real estate taxes are collected to pay for the services that are provided to the residents of our township. The taxing districts currently providing services in Kaneville Township are Kane County Government, Kane County Forest Preserve, Kaneville Township Government, Kaneville Township Road District, Kaneville Cemetery District, Kaneland Schools, Waubonsee College, Kaneville Library, and either the Kaneville or Maple Park Fire Department depending on where you live.

These taxing bodies are required to publish and hold public meetings to disclose their budgets annually. Once these budgets have been reviewed and approved they each submit their levy, or request for funds. This is what makes up the tax burden that is then apportioned over the township properties according to property value.

The job of the assessor is to arrive at a correct and equitable value for each property so that the tax burden is apportioned fairly.

Are there ways I can lower my tax bill?
Yes. Homestead exemptions are available for properties that are used as the principle residence of the property owner. Please click on the link for exemption information and make sure you are receiving all the exemptions that you qualify for.

What can I do if I think my EAV is too high?
The first step is to meet with your township assessor. We will review the property information I have on file and make sure it is correct. This may require a visit to your property to verify information.

I would also ask you to bring in a list of at least three properties that are similar to yours; as close in type, size, age and quality as possible. I will look at your list of comparables and see if your assessment is in line with these properties. I will also make sure your assessment is in line with any sales of comparable property that sold in the prior three years.

If after this meeting we are unable to come to an agreement on what the assessed value should be you have the option to file for a hearing before the Kane County Board of Review. They will determine if the assessment should be changed or upheld.














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